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a walk

just outside my house is a wild area. not deep forest wild, but wild enough that you wouldn’t want to get lost in there. yesterday around the time of 1430 hours i decided that i would take a walk around
the area outside my house. i decided to walk along a route which i had not gone before (well, i had, but only the other way, it is a circular route).

background – i had just left my previous job that morning, one which was related to web development. unfortunately this means sitting in front of a computer all day solving “problems”. i know a problem
when i see one. a bug in a program that is designed get people to go to a fast food restaurant is not really a “problem”. there are problems, and there are problems. problem: our society still uses mone
y and currency as a measure of “value” – money cannot buy things, money is not real, money causes the destruction and commodification of our planet, when there are no actual “commodities”, just our home
and our children’s homes.

this is why knowledge of how to grow one’s own food and create things that are valuble (food, tools, materials) are and will be much more valuable than the ability to talk to a client about their new website or how a company should brand themselves. the ability to think carefully about resources and live according to those resources around us will be invaluable. food is real. materials, tools are real. branding, consumerism, online social networks and the carefully crafted online personas are not real. well, they are “real” if you let them be. when the time comes and our computers crash down around us they will be nothing but bricks. you will wonder why you spent so much time getting people to like you online when you could have been learning how to survive in the real world. media literacy is not
really that high. i am glad that i studied journalism. media literacy is important – you have to know who is paying for your eyeballs.

that got serious pretty quickly. but the point is, i enjoy nature immensely. everything that we need, nature has provided for us. as i walked down a meandering concrete path, i listened to the many diff
erent sounds of birds. it seems amazing that each bird has its own unique call that is answered by another member of the same species. it is spring. it is flowering season. even though i am sick and my
nose is blocked, the fragrance of flowers drifts on the breeze and i think, this smells wonderful. it must smell wonderful to insects too, bees espcially.

i walk past many gardens. its funny how everybody has their own ideas about a garden. some people make gardens that have plants in pots. some people think that a carpet of cut grass is a garden. some pe
ople’s gardens blend into surrounding landscape since they’ve been there for so long. i found a garden with an apiary. maybe i should talk to the person who tends them, see how I can start my own.

i also saw many moss covered rocks that were beautiful. perhaps there could be a business where i find rocks and cultivate moss upon them and sell them as art. i certainly would buy one. in the business
of selling rocks – beautiful beautiful rocks. apparently people need to be taught what is beautiful. each piece will be one of a kind. each piece will be given space to grow naturally and use minimal r
esources. i will not use artifical fertilizers, but i will provide them with an environment that lets moss grow fast.

the future

john lok. widely credited as a pioneer of biotechnology in Hong Kong. He brought sustainability to the masses, and created a future which never looked brighter. He was the first to introduce biogas production from food waste through lobbying of the government to require all property developers to participate in a mandatory food waste management scheme, which lowered costs for energy production and reduce waste through technological advances in food and domestic waste recycling.

He was a devout philatronphist who believed in training and higher education. He established the Hong Kong Sustainability fund which provides scholarships to underprivileged students to study in sciences related to improving the quality of life for many people and enabled them to create their own income sources. He reduced the per capita consumption of raw resources by a factor of ten. He introduced legislation which banned the production, creation and execution of advertisements which promoted a lifestyle beyond people’s means. He did this by establishing a board of media censors which dictated what was suitable for mental consumption and what was not. This board is made up of citizens who elect themselves, who are tired of the capitalist agenda which is to promote over-consumption, “lifestyle” choices and other corporate bullshit that does nothing than to make our lives unhappy by making us feel ugly, unwanted and uncool.

He dedicated his life to the pursuit of art. He is credited for the founding of the Hong Kong Art Society, whose aims are to promote culture such as the production of visual art, music, dance – anything that wasn’t related to the day to day rat race that many people felt themselves to be in.

He introduced legislation that said that employees were not allowed to work more than four days a week. He banned all “bullshit” jobs which were dedicated to the promotion of products. Instead, businesses would have to adhere to the principle: “If it doesn’t make people happier to perform their jobs, it’s not a job worth doing.”. This is regularly regulated by citizens, who keep a close eye on their employers. Any employer who fails to adhere to this principle is rehabilited for a period of no less than five years, during which they are required to perform a service which is beneficial to the community. He must collect the signatures of at least twenty people whose lives he has improved to be designated “a regular citizen”. Employees are encouraged to report any deviation to this principle, of which the appeals will be judged by a panel of common citizens. Any citizen and employer is entitled to a fair trial amongst a jury.

In his spare time he enjoyed time with his lover who was a teacher of small children. He enjoyed spending time in nature, pondering what would come next and the challenges of humanity. He lived to see humanity colonizing the moon. He – was the founder of the Republic of Good Living.

All that we need, nature has given us. It is only when we stray from the path of the natural order of things that we hurt ourselves. Should we have gone down the path of greed, selfishness and self-interest, we would not have the time to reflect on our past achievements today.


If any of this sounds self-aggrandizing, which it probably does, please consider that it is just the author’s own way of motivating himself to do good in the world. He is yours, truly.

one more weekend

This weekend I thought about a few things.

I was thinking about whether we are richer or poorer, and what exactly that means. Sure, at this moment in history mankind seems to be at its most prosperous. Everyone is more materially rich. But what about other aspects of our lives? Things like art, music, literature, love, community, and time? Are we richer in those areas?

I always never seem to have time to do the things I want. No matter what I do, I am a part of “the system”.

This is what I do most of the week: sit in a shittily ventilated office under flourescent lighting. Spend my hard earned cash on eating at shitty restaurants for lunch. Spending money on car fuel so that I can have slightly more time in the morning to be healthier from sitting down all day. Then there’s that mandatory provident fund (a pension scheme scam perpetuated by the government) which is paid to private companies which lose all your money. And tax. I work from 10 til 7 so that a bunch of fucking institutions can take my money and lose it on bad decisions. Save up money so I can spend one or two weeks out of 52 a year to travel to a place to escape (I dislike modern travel. Airplanes are wasteful. Take a look next time when you finish your airplane meal. Times that by a couple of hundred. Then times that by a couple thousand. That’s how much waste is created from being on a flight. Plus you usually have to sit next to someone who is either a. a person who doesn’t brush his/her teeth for the whole flight b. is fat and passive aggressive about how much space they take up c. [any other conditions that you remember hating while being in close proximity to a couple hundred other human beings]).

I shouldn’t need to escape. Every day I should live in a way that is in accordance with my principles and values. There is enough in the world for every human being to live with plenty. But for some reason or another (I am not going to point fingers at any ‘-isms) there seem to be a bunch of exploiters and a bunch of people being exploited. A small number of people have much material wealth. A large number have little material wealth.

What do I want to do? I want to make music, art, meaning, love. I want to experience the universe. Think about life’s mysteries. Grow my own food. Be a part of the cycle of life. Live, love and die. Share good things. Not live to excess. Take only what I need. Watch the sunset. Play in the ocean. Feel the breeze on my face, hear the birds singing in the morning. Discover the many wonders that nature created.

Am I being unrealistic?

you ca(n)t hide from me

self portrait

i live in what you might call a modern city. there is no space for anything but ads and shopping malls. there is only one resounding message in every space imaginable…BUY MORE. The billboards scream at you. Brands, brands, brands, promising you that you’ll somehow be a better person if you buy their fucking product. you probably already know this, but it actually won’t.

LCDs are everywhere, displaying seizure inducing ads for products for which the need arose because we were living an unhealthy lifestyle in the city. face cream. mens and womens’ “health” salons. a rubber belt attached to a motor that vibrates your belly fat, promising that you won’t have to get off your lazy ass to look healthy.

this is pollution of the mind. nobody smiles on public transport.

i consume too much. i overeat. i don’t get outdoors as much as i want to. i eat more meat than’s good for the environment. i know that eating and buying local, green produce is better for myself and the world around me. but i don’t. it’s not convenient to do so.

i try to be a good person. i recycle when possible, avoid buying bottled water. bring my own bag with me as often as possible and say no when the cashier asks if i want a bag. i bike to work. drive less. is this enough? does this even matter at all on an universal scale?

i am sad. i am lonely. i spend on average at least 8 hours sitting down on weekdays. this is bad for me. i am 24 years old and i am overweight, not to the point of obesity but if i continue down the road that i’m on, it will probably end that way.

i think of myself as creative, but it seems that i am actually destructive. to myself, to the world around me. when i am sad i drink, smoke, laze around. this makes me more sad, so i repeat the cycle. consumption excites me. it seems to make me happy. for a while.

consumption will not make you happy. consumption is addictive. consumption will consume your soul, your life, your happiness. you will never be satisfied with the amount you have. it’s human nature.

we must consume when we have to. consumption itself isn’t inherently evil. it’s only evil when it’s done to excess.

starting from today i will eat until i’m satiated and no more. i’ll stop staying up late and snacking. i’ll sleep more. i’ll do more exercise.

let’s try to consume less together. eat and buy only what we need. resist the temptation to gorge yourself. my health, and your health are limited. if you’re fat and you look like this, there’s probably some unhappiness in your life. solve that unhappiness first. not trying to be preachy. it’s just what i will try to do.

when i’m unhappy i consume more to numb my pain. be careful of falling into this trap as i did. mind, soul and body are all connected. our bodies are telling us that there’s something terrible, something insidious in our souls that make us consume more than we need.

first we must heal our minds. you either have to be really self-disciplined or if you’re not and you absorb what’s around you, then you should probably go somewhere where the environment around you can heal you, passively. the latter is what i’m planning to do.

i will find a place where my soul can be free. a place that’s directly connected to the earth and nature. a place where we have space. somewhere i can focus on living and thinking. a place where people smile at each other instead of treat as an obstacles to get past. i will create music, love people, grow my own food and connect people together. instead of dying every day, i will be living every day.


on another note, I probably need to reformat this website a bit. stay tuned…

a new start

I’ve taken some photos during the last few months. Here are a few.

This is a photo of the bus station next to where I live. It’s always busy and the noise doesn’t stop until 12am. The walls where I live are as thin as paper so I hear the monstrous whine of these transportation machines. The sound of civilization, perhaps?

This is a photo of ancient coral I took in taiwan. I committed a cardinal sin as a geologist when I forgot to include a scale. The picture you see is about three handspans wide. It was found next to a raging coast where swells from the pacific ocean crashed onto basalt and limestone.

Here’s a photo of energy transferral.

And here’s a photo of the movement of water. Fascinating.

This photo is one of my favourite haunts. I can show you if you like. This fisherman seemed like a professional. He had the straw hat thing going on. However this is what he caught from the ocean. He left shortly afterward. I would have done the same.


thank you

hello there!

thank you for your fake comments. I really appreciate it.


analog fireworks

happy balls

Hope this made you smile. happy balls by john lok. Are you happy yet?