why I ride my bike

by john

I try to bike to work from home to work. and from work to home.

However this is not an easy task. For starters there are the drivers.

Bus drivers are a mixed bunch. Sometimes they swerve away to avoid you. some follow you patiently until you pass. Some try to kill you. They go so fast. It’s scary.

Some drivers are very considerate. They pass by the opposite lane. I admire this undertaking but it seems like a lot of risk.

There are also the policemen. I have seen them sitting by the road with their air conditioning on. I thought we were supposed to turn off our engines while idling. They have been amongst the fastest drivers and agressive too.

Taxi drivers seem good overall. however there’s those one or two that swerve near you to scare you. The ones that drive too fast.

On the weekends, the city folk come visit the countryside. they drive in shiny new fat cars. This is the type that honks at you for half a minute and then zooms past you. dear driver: you are not helping anyone resolve anything. why are you in such a hurry? why make your journey unpleasant for yourself by ruining someone elses?

Then there’s the locals. You know because they’re the ones on the weekday. They give a fair amount of space to you.

Today I was coming down a slope while turning. There was a bus stop to my right. A car tried to pass me right before a turn where there might have been another car passing. on the road, two thick white lines lie in the middle of the road. this means that no passing is allowed.

A car passed me. The second car came close to me (I can tell by the size of the shadow the car makes. big = close, small = far.)

I held my ground. I didn’t want anyone to pass at that point.

The car swerved near me while trying to overtake me because a car came around the corner.

The car beeped at me and I got scared. a shot of of adrenline goes into my bloodstream. my heart rate increases by 33%.

I am suddenly filled with the urge to flee. fight or flight? I choose flight.

My legs pump hard, accelerating to roughly 35km/hr.

I feel alive.

People are always rushing around. Trying to get to places as fast as they can.

We are all going to the same place in the end. Why not enjoy the scenery?