meet and depart

by john

in the past two months i have spent time with many people. it is funny how people who have never met each other or have any history can meet and become good friends. have a good time, perhaps our paths will cross again in the future.

i always have this impending sense of not being good enough. there is fear i guess. but it’s also an indication, which is good. it’s your heart telling you to practice more so you don’t have to say “oh i’m not very good at it” – someone said yesterday to me, there are some people who say “oh yeah, I am good at that” – because they spend all their time practicing. i want to be one of those people. perhaps go out less, spend less money, dedicate your life, practice as hard as you can, stop going around and around in circles. what do you want to be good at? do you want to be sorry that you never practiced hard enough? it’s not too late to start now.

start now. what’s your passion?