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meet and depart

in the past two months i have spent time with many people. it is funny how people who have never met each other or have any history can meet and become good friends. have a good time, perhaps our paths will cross again in the future. i always have this impending sense of not being […]

the other side of the hedge

i read a short story recently by e.m. forster. it is a beautiful story that is about humanity and the way we choose to live. you can read it here. i’ll share some of my favourite parts with you. the story starts off like this: “My pedometer told me that I was twenty-five; and, though […]

true value

it’s been raining for two days at the farm. on Monday, i learned to use a machine which takes soil from a furrow and places it to the side. you run it between rows of crops to give plants more soil. the plants like this. in the afternoon, i helped clear a field. on tuesday […]

petroleum assisted massacre

today was a mixed day. in the morning, me and isha raked the dead grass off a field. it had lain fallow for too long and the weeds had overgrown it. yesterday, phil had cut it all down. we were to make large piles of dead organic matter which would be saved for later use. […]


“have you ever written any stories?” i was asked this question yesterday, which got me thinking. what exactly is a story? can anything be a story? as a journalist i write “stories” on certain subjects. but then, “authors” also write “stories”. is there any difference between these stories? one may use the qualitative aspects of […]

we will never win

today’s thought: we will never “win” against nature. what do i mean by this? this means…well, here are some things i did today that make me think this. i went weeding this morning, which is the act of removing plants from a crop field which are undesired or not the crop that is being grown. […]

bread and meat

i’ve been thinking about the things I’m doing. i actually try to do it so that i can write about it after i do them. in the morning, i ate two bananas for breakfast. if there’s one thing there isn’t a shortage of here, it’s bananas. everywhere i go i see bananas. i can’t walk […]


皇帝豆 is the name of the type of beans/seeds i was asked to sort. in english i believe they are called broad beans. i was asked to find beans/seeds that were of a particular character. they had to have no discolourations (indicating freshness and vitality), no wrinkles on their skin (showing that that particular bean […]

first day

sometimes i think a factual recount of all the things i do in a day is not worth the time it takes to write up. but! i will write it up anyway, to see what happens. i woke up to the sound of birds. again. they seem to be a noisy bunch. however, the sound […]

i’m here…or there?

the birds sound different. i am lucky to live in a countryside area. i wake up to the sound of birds. i can never see them but i can always hear them. some of them go “oo oo ooo ooooo oooooo” and some of them go “yip yip yip”. today i heard one go “bobobobobobo”. […]