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this website is about john lok, who lives in hong kong. he blogs about art, life, existence, death, everything in between.

a new start

I’ve taken some photos during the last few months. Here are a few.

This is a photo of the bus station next to where I live. It’s always busy and the noise doesn’t stop until 12am. The walls where I live are as thin as paper so I hear the monstrous whine of these transportation machines. The sound of civilization, perhaps?

This is a photo of ancient coral I took in taiwan. I committed a cardinal sin as a geologist when I forgot to include a scale. The picture you see is about three handspans wide. It was found next to a raging coast where swells from the pacific ocean crashed onto basalt and limestone.

Here’s a photo of energy transferral.

And here’s a photo of the movement of water. Fascinating.

This photo is one of my favourite haunts. I can show you if you like. This fisherman seemed like a professional. He had the straw hat thing going on. However this is what he caught from the ocean. He left shortly afterward. I would have done the same.


our time passed

I can see two meanings already.

Our time passed, as in, our time has passed, we are no longer relevant or needed. Our time passed…quickly, like termites on their nuptial flights. Did you know that during breeding, the male termites’ purpose is only to fly around and inseminate the queen, who is flying around as quick as she can to avoid any slow flying males, to improve her chances of getting some nice genes. The female queen mates with several males. Once the male ejaculates its seed into the queen’s sexual organs, they explode and die. So it’s pretty much your only goal in life is to run as fast as possible, and have sex with the queen. It’s a pretty picture.

Our time passed blissfully. Our time passed in violent anger and passion. Our time passed like waves crashing on the rocks of oceans, powerful, corrosive, angry, calm. Our time passed like the stars moving in the sky, or the crackle of charcoal burning on a wintry night.

I can no longer call you *REDACTED* bear.

thank you

hello there!

thank you for your fake comments. I really appreciate it.


to caitlin

hello caitlin,

I know we only said hi. But it seems like whenever I think about you I get distracted and am unable to think properly. I wonder what you are doing. How you are. Maybe you’ll see this and maybe you won’t.

Here is the email draft:

“There are some great advertising campaigns that some of my ex colleagues created. One of them involved getting people out to vote.

Another that was created to catch online sex predators.

There are also some really good anti-smoking campaigns like this one.

Mehdi Lamloum is a really cool guy. He conceptualised the Dictator campaign.

So the answer to your question is “Yes”. Advertising is communication. Communication is a powerful tool but can also be wielded by corporations and media outlets. Most media outlets have an agenda, so watch out!

You seem really cool. Maybe we should hang out?

analog fireworks

happy balls

Hope this made you smile. happy balls by john lok. Are you happy yet?

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