by john

皇帝豆 is the name of the type of beans/seeds i was asked to sort. in english i believe they are called broad beans.

i was asked to find beans/seeds that were of a particular character. they had to have no discolourations (indicating freshness and vitality), no wrinkles on their skin (showing that that particular bean did not shrink due to rot), amongst other factors.

then i started thinking about how i was choosing the beans. i think there were around 200 beans i had to sort (by hand). any bean that was not “suitable” was discarded, regarded as unfit for propagation. or perhaps i am over thinking things. they probably would not germinate anyway.

amongst these two hundred beans i found a parallel to us, as humans. out of all the beans, statistically speaking perhaps one out of ten beans were “suitable”, and out of those “suitable” beans, perhaps one out of ten of THOSE were “perfect” beans.

i guess i have a platonic ideal of what a bean should look like.

my point is probably that humans are probably similiar. if all humans were beans and i had to pick them out of a basket. human beans…