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on being

A close up of river sediment in cross section. Age: 1.8 Ma. Relates how? Read on… The past few weeks I have been seeing extreme weather reports all over the world. It seems that we are helpless against mother nature and her whims. There are the fires in Europe, Hurricanes and Typhoons all around the […]

where we are right now

“This image of the North polar region of Jupiter was captured by the JUNO spacecraft during Perijove 6 at an altitude of 12578.8 km on 19/05/2017…” – the image has nothing to do with what I’m writing about, but it does give us a sense of perspective. Earth would fit into one of those swirly […]

it leads to nowhere

judgement and some rhyming words

how could something so good slowly turn sour how could we have thought we understood when everything changed in an hour memories fade like thermal paper kept in a wallet so long we’ll deal with it later, we said in the end, it turned out all wrong. *** i haven’t been writing very often. i […]

why I ride my bike

I try to bike to work from home to work. and from work to home. However this is not an easy task. For starters there are the drivers. Bus drivers are a mixed bunch. Sometimes they swerve away to avoid you. some follow you patiently until you pass. Some try to kill you. They go […]

have a nice photo!

reflections of a journey

reflections of a journey There are so many moments. Where to start…? I arrived early in the morning, eager to start the day. I arrived at around 8:45am. I tend to look at my watch a lot. It’s two minutes fast. Apparently, the personalities of people fall into several different types. I tend to focus […]

it’s still my home

i don’t know whether it’s me or something else, or whether it’s the place, or whether it’s a manifestation of my mind. the minute the plane lands phones start beeping and people are impatient. it’s in the air. it’s contagious. whatever it is, it fills my heart with an anxious desire to check my phone, […]


the wonderful series Life on Earth (1979) produced by John Sparks and narrated by David Attenborough is a wonderful example of what happens when great people work together and make something wonderful. the science is sound, the music melodic, the pictures picturesque and the sound engineering astounding. the many and varied sounds of animals and […]

being special

today i was painting the underside of a wooden house with mark when he started talking about where we are going. i told him – we all want to go to different places, but in the end we all end up in the same place. it was the type of job you only do if […]